Timed Write

People. I'm out of the house. By myself. At three weeks postpartum. Like, this didn't happen until six weeks with Benny. GIF These chunks of time are a little hard to come by, as they have to be timed just so to avoid throwing off baby Isaac's groove. I have a half hour to write [...]


Apple starts with tree

Benny's play at this age is messy, loud, and really hilarious. His current favorite activities are tossing stuff away from where it's supposed to be, screeching at the top of his lungs until he turns red (I assure you it's a happy screech)...and turning all of his toys on at once so there's just this [...]

Highlights Reel: Volume 1

My kid's going to be a coffee addict. Hurrah! In related news, it's time to baby-proof the house because Benny's ALL over whatever miscellaneous item he's not supposed to put in his mouth: stone coasters, my shoes, extension cords, Christmas wrapping paper... Trash bins don't spark joy... But they're useful! This past week, we were [...]

It’s tradition: Allhallowtide

Even more special than seeing all the everyday stuff through new eyes, though, is the joy of experiencing family traditions with Benny. Some have been handed down through faith, some through generations, and some Jeff and I are just adopting and making part of our family culture. How we celebrate might even evolve as our family evolves, and that's okay. But they all add a certain magic quality to our everyday lives.