About Me

Welcome to The Miscellaneous Drawer, where I write about a little bit of everything –  faith, culture, motherhood, story, vocation, community, finding beauty in the ordinary…

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An Introduction

A bit about me – I’m a cradle Catholic, high school teacher, wife to Jeff, mama to Benny, and lover of anything in Netflix’s “BBC TV Shows Featuring a Strong Female Lead” category. I also used to love sleep, but now I run on caffeine and the faint hope of mayyybe snoozing my alarm on Saturdays. When I get a moment to myself, I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts, and daydreaming of living in Green Gables. Or Walden Pond in the autumn.

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Jeff – physicist, climber, expert Catan player
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Benny – likes sweet potatoes; will probably love roller coasters/nature as much as his dad does

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Coffee Break Essays

From 2012 to like…now, I blogged under the title “Coffee Break Essays”. It’s a bit of a time capsule, containing the musings of a marketing student and the frustrations/triumphs of a new adult trying to figure it all out. Some of it’s sappy and cringeworthy, some of it’s really funny in retrospect, but all of it’s worth looking back on now and again.

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Life and Starting Over




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