Highlights Reel: Volume 1

My kid’s going to be a coffee addict.

Hurrah! In related news, it’s time to baby-proof the house because Benny’s ALL over whatever miscellaneous item he’s not supposed to put in his mouth: stone coasters, my shoes, extension cords, Christmas wrapping paper…

Trash bins don’t spark joy…

But they’re useful! This past week, we were blessed to be able to move to a beautiful, larger home that will give Benny more room to run around in, and allow us to more comfortably host get-togethers with family and friends – and even have them stay with us!

And there’s nothing like a move to make you want to get rid of every single thing you own. Ha! To get in the zone, I watched a lot of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and got rid of any clothes/household items that didn’t “spark joy” (personal translation: anything that hadn’t fit or been used in over two years). Except for books. All books spark joy. But really, there’s a lot useful organizational tips and a sweet touch of gratitude that made this show very endearing.

The Brothers Karamazov

Okay, so I should preface this with a rather embarrassing confession for someone who calls herself a bookworm: I haven’t touched a book since before Benny was born. I’ve been longing for a bit more intellectual stimulation, however, and made a resolution to participate in Haley Stewart’s CathLIT challenge (to the best of my ability, anyway). One of the categories is “A Book by an Orthodox Christian” and I just assumed I’d figure that one out…eventually. I never intended to read The Brothers Karamazov. It’s such a daunting book! But last weekend I got sucked into it by a friend and the promise of a Facebook book club to read along with me. And I have no regrets! How could I, when I get to take in the breathtaking wisdom of Father Zosima?!

Zosima speaks to a woman who lost her child.

Building Community

I didn’t give much thought to New Year’s resolutions until, like…January 10th? But when I did get around to it, I was really inspired by my word of the year (from Jennifer Fulwiler’s generator): Community. Something just clicked, as if God had placed that desire in my heart. Funnily enough, opportunities to roll up my sleeves and get working popped up almost immediately.

We no longer live in era of built-in community, where your “people” are the 150 people in your local parish, as Rebecca Frech talks about. It takes a lot more work and intentionality, and there are so many people left hungering for community, for a parish home, for sisters (and brothers!) in Christ. While I’m not the boldest, or maybe even most qualified person, I get the feeling this is something God wants me to do and that He’ll give me the grace to follow through.

Tell me about your week!


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